Eruption Appliance, Gold Chain

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Eruption Appliance, Eyelet

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Eruption Appliance, U-Flex

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Lingual Button

Reference Number:
Flat Base - 30-000-00
Curved Base - 30-000-01

Lingual Cleat

Reference Number:
Flat Base - 30-000-02
Curved Base - 30-000-03


Reference Number:
Curved Base - 30-000-04

Caplin Hook

Low profile, low irritation, yet highly functional, the Caplin Hook has grown in use every year since its inception 10 years ago.
Reference Number:
For Flat Teeth - 30-000-05
For Curved Teeth - 30-000-06

Bite ramps

Bite Ramps work in open bite cases by allowing the anteriors to ride up and out of occlusion.
The result is more efficient tooth movement, with a reduction of emergency visits due to bond
failures, especially with self-ligating and ceramic brackets. The swept design of the Bite Ramps mimics the natural shape of the tooth, thus aiding in the gentle redirection of anteriors for smoother treatment. Bite Ramps are made from high strength resin which is more flexible than stainless steel,
reducing trauma on the enamel they contact and increasing patient comfort.
Reference Number:
Bite Ramps - 97-980-00