Low profile tubes

Low Profile buccal tubes with integrated hooks are metal injection molded from high quality medical grade stainless steel providing a smooth comfortable patient experience.


Design Features

1.       Enhanced opening allows for easier wire insertion

2.       Color recess for simple ID

3.       Expanded exit port for reduced friction and wire impingement

4.       Instrument notch for a secure grip during placement

5.       Anatomical notch for proper placement in buccal groove

Self ligating single tube

In-Ovation® self-ligating buccal tubes provide easy archwire placement and quick snap closure.  These buccal tubes present convenient, easy access to archwires and quick fingertip closure. Their natural anatomical fit, low profile and ultra-smooth Metal Injection Molded (MIM) construction enhance patient comfort. Their full-length design holds more wire to realize better, more effective rotation and exceptional performance. 

In-Ovation SL Buccal Tubes close with only light fingertip pressure. An audible click provides peace of mind that the slide is closed. 

Self ligating double tube