Latex Elastics

• Manufactured from prime medical grade latex

• Unique manufacturing process eliminates the heavy use of talc and partially cut elastics

•  Packaged in color coded bags, elastics are simple to dispense and easy for the patient to use

•  Packaged in tamper proof patient bags of 100 elastics and one Elasti™ placer; 50 bags per dispenser box

•  Our Travel Pack recognition system makes it fun and easy for patients to remember the correct size and force

•  Each pack of GAC intraoral elastics contains a bright white placer to help patients properly and easily use their elastics

• Light, Medium, Heavy, and SH intraoral elastics are packaged in boxes of 50 zip lock bags of 100 elastics

•  XH and XXH extra oral elastics are packaged in boxes of 25 zip lock bags of 50 elastics

Latex Free Elastics

Ligature & Chain Color Chart

Elastomeric Chain Dispenser

Our chain dispenser features
a lid that encloses the spools
to prevent inadvertent
contamination. Stores twelve
spools. Measures 3” wide
x 81⁄8” long x 31⁄8” high.
Made of anodized aluminum
with a brushed finish.