ix808 Light Wire Plier with Cutter/2 Grooves

The most popular wire bending plier. These smooth tipped pliers bend archwires from .012” to .020” (.30mm - .51mm).


Beaks are grooved for round wire at 1mm and 2mm from tip. Cutter at base of beaks cuts archwires from .014” to .020” (.36mm - .51mm).

ix807 Light Wire Plier

Same popular design as ix808, but without the cutter or the 2 grooves.

ix809 Light Wire Plier with Cutter

This popular loop forming and bending plier with precise round and square tips bends archwires from .012” to .020” (.30mm - .51mm). Cutter at base of beaks cuts archwires from .014” to .020” (.36mm - .51mm).

ix811 Light Wire Contouring & Cutting Plier

With longer, more gradually tapered beaks than model IX809, this plier is designed for round wires up to .020” (.51mm). The longer beaks make it easier to bend small diameter loops. Unique features are the contouring of loops and arches up to .021 x .025” (.55 x .64mm) and the built in cutter that allows wires to be cut from .014” to .020” (.36mm - .51mm).

ix810 Bird Beak Plier

The most popular and versatile plier for working with round wire up to .028” (.71mm). The round beak is precision ground to a perfect cone - .025” at the tip. The pyramid beak is exactly .025” wide at the tip.

ix821 Long Beak Light Wire Plier

Longer beaks than the ix810 for making precision loops in light wires.
Can be used with round and square wire up to .020” (.51mm).

ix812 Tweed Loop Forming Plier with Cutter

Ideal for making consistent uniform loops. The tip has three sections of 1.2mm, 1.8mm and 2.0mm with matt finish to prevent wire slippage.
Can be used with round and square wire up to .021 x .025” (.55 x .64mm). Built in cutter allows wire to be cut from .014” to .020” (.36mm - .51mm).

ix813 Tweed Arch Forming Plier

Designed for torquing and bending square or rectangular wires. The blades are designed to be parallel at .020” opening.
Can be used on wires up to .021” x .025” (.55 x .64mm).

ix871 Tweed Arch Forming Plier with T.C.

Same design as IX813 with the addition of T.C. inserted tips providing maximum wire control and improved gripping.

ix814 O’Brien Loop Forming Plier

ix815 Nance Plier

Precision loop forming with four step tips 3mm, 4mm, 5mm & 6mm. Excellent for round & square wires up to .022” (.56mm). All working edges have been bevelled to prevent wire scoring.

ix816 3-Jaw Plier

Precision aligned tips are gently rounded for consistent contouring and bending without damaging the archwire. One-piece construction of the double tip ensures superior strength.
Can be used on wire up to .030” (.76mm).

ix819 Small 3-Jaw Plier

Same design as IX816 but with slightly smaller tips for working with wire up to .020” (.51mm).

ix823 Fine 3-Jaw Plier

Smaller tips than the IX819.
Can be used with wires from .012” Nickel Titanium up to .020” (.51mm)

ix817 De La Rosa

Precision matched concave and convex tips for smooth contouring of light wire loops. Contours and forms arches without torquing.
Can be used on wires up to .021 x .025” (.55mm x .64mm).

ix830 Hollow Chop

Convex/Concave tips enable adjustment of all types of loops.

ix873(set) Torquing Plier Set

The torquing plier set allows the accurate placement of torque to square/rectangular archwires.
Both Male and Female parts have hard wearing Tungsten Carbide tips.