Ortho FlexTech

Ortho FlexTech

Ortho FlexTech is intended to be used for retaining tooth position after orthodontic treatment.


·         Stabilizes orthodontic corrections

·         Prevents rotational relapses

·         Easy application - naturally forms to                  lingual arch curvature

·         Less doctor time / less chair time

·         Low failure rate due to "flex linkage"

·         No laboratory costs or delays

·         Improved patient comfort - lays flat                    against the teeth

·         Lasting esthetics due to 14 karat white             gold composition

Stainless Steel OrthoFlex-Tech

Stainless Steel OrthoFlex-Tech

30% Stronger Tensile Strength than Gold OrthoFlex-Tech and 300% increased Torsional Strength over Gold OrthoFlex-Tech.



Single strand NICKEL FREE titanium flat metal ribbon with increased interproximal strength is ideal for semi permanent splinting and maintaining difficult extraction sites.


·         Eliminates potential patient allergy issues

·         Reduced wear rate

·         Increased interproximal strength

·         60" total - 10 (6 inch) strands